Tiger vs Bear

Tiger vs Bear

Slot machine test: Tiger vs bear

Two heavyweights, you better not encountered in the wild. On the one hand, the elegant and yet force packed Tiger, on the other the big bear from the North who acts anything like a cuddly teddy bear. The duel of two very special animals created by Quickfire or Microgaming in life, what a very coherent slots will be offered you. And if you think this sweet feel to the thing, then you're wrong. In Tiger vs bear is sometimes hard to the point that if the two rivals fight together only once, you have the chance on free spins. But even without this special bonus feature it to friends in Tiger vs bear not bad fare. The normal symbols provide more often for small to medium-sized profits. You can't Tiger vs bear in fun mode or play with real money in the slot casino.

Play Tiger vs Bear online now!

Tiger vs bear play online

This online slot machines is quite beautiful frosty to the thing, but as long as the rollers do not freeze, there should be no problems. The rollers are also bringing you the possible profits. Or better said: the symbols on the reels. And while there is profit whenever, if meet identical symbols to a series that begins on the left reel. The height of earnings in various factors depends on who you can sometimes affect.

A multiplier has

any symbol for each possible row length. This comes into play when a corresponding number is formed. He is multiplied by your use, you can set. Depending on you so want to put more money in a round, you can win even more. There is not a direct risk, the downside is that you will lose your bankroll faster.

In addition to your usage, you can also the amount the winning lines vary, from which 25 pieces in Tiger vs bear is. Only series same symbols, which are on line, are counted, which is why ideally all remain on.

The slot game symbols in the Tiger vs bear online slot


a few icy icons in Tiger vs bear for the first profits. Also the 9 and 10, as well as the J, Q, K, and A. These six symbols are kept in suitable snow look. While one of the 9 also from two fields, are these motifs primarily in five rows for the account, which of course in principle applies to all symbols. Also the snowflake and the leaf are up there real winners who can greatly multiply your stake.

At the top of the food chain are of course the Tiger and the bear, which are equal. Underneath that mingles Tiger vs bear-logo. Even if that in itself is not much, so it has but the unbeatable advantage of being the scatter symbol. Thus it belongs anywhere. Wild has the function to substitutes, as the Joker, however, which is as valuable.

Bear and Tiger have but quite another advantage, because together they can trigger the feature "Siberian Battle". If the Tiger on roller appears 1 and the bear on reel 5, or vice versa, is this feature is triggered, where you have to decide for one of the two Contracting Parties. Depending on who wins the fight now, a few extras, free spins or multiplier but can be bought you in real election.

Slot machines instructions by Tiger vs bear

If you are interested in the frosty fun of Siberia, then you can directly in the online casino Tiger vs bear play. You have the choice to change your bet before a round. For one, you can set the value of the coin on the left side, on the other hand, you may choose how many coins you want to leave usage in the game. It also directly affects your potential winnings of Tiger vs bear out.

Teddy Snow flake